Trust & Safe

We are a trustable merchant for transacting coins.
We have been here since the start of Legend fantasy and you can also see our messages every time in the Legend Fantasy Chatroom.
We don’t ask for personal details while doing transactions .
We do all our transactions in UPI ID which is instant and safe .

No Tax Deduction / No transaction fee

As like other Fantasy applications , we do not deduct any tax from your winning 

coins. Full coins value will be yours without any deduction,

Easy Buy/Sell process

The Buy/ Sell process is very easy

Deposit to your Legend
Fantasy account

Purchase coins

Provide UPI ID during
selling coins

Receive payments


You don’t need to provide your KYC for buying and selling .

Bonus Coins on Buying

We provide Bonus Coins for every purchase of coins .

Cheapest rate

We offer a very cheap rate for buying and selling of coins which is actually cheaper compared to In app purchase .

No limitation

There are no coin limitations nor amount limitations for selling and buying of coins.

Available 6 days a week

We are available 12 hrs a day for six days a week .

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